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Wisconsin Updates:

06/16/21:  Effective August 1, 2021, the WI OCI will no longer allow the Personal Attestation Form.  Prelicensing certification exams will require the use of a proctor/monitor.
10/22/20:  WI provides trouble-shooting tips for candidates testing with PSI.
06/24/20:  Exam scheduling with PSI is now available for exams starting 7/1/20 and after including remote proctored exams.  Take a look into PSI's exam scheduling and Remote Testing Technology.
03/19/20:  The Wisconsin Office of Insurance is allowing candidates to take prelicensing certification exams without a proctor, but must complete and return a CE Attestation of Personal Responsibility Form to the provider.


State of Wisconsin Office of the Insurance Commissioner  (608) 266-8699

Testing Provider (PSI)  (888) 818-5805

1. Complete a Prelicensing Course with Exam FX

If you would like to sell insurance in Wisconsin, you must complete an approved line of prelicensing education and pass the state licensing exam. 

To satisfy the requirements for your course, you will need to pass a Certification Exam.  The Certification Exam must be monitored by a disinterested third party (someone who is not a friend, family member, or financial connection to you). Prelicensing education is valid for one year from the date of completion; you will need to take and pass your state exam within this timeframe. Use manager discount email to take advantage of special rates for your prelicensing course. Start your licensing course here.

2. Get Fingerprinted

You may make a fingerprinting appointment with Fieldprint at At the time of registration, you will need to enter the Fieldprint code (not case sensitive): FPWIOCIInsurance.

3. Pass a Licensing Exam

Making Exam Reservations

An exam fee must be paid at the time of reservation by credit card, debit card, voucher or electronic check. You can make a reservation through the following methods:

·       Online:

·       Phone:  (888) 818-5805

What to Bring

Two forms of current signature identification:

·       A primary ID (photograph and signature, not expired) such as a Driver’s License or Passport

·       A secondary ID (signature, not expired) such as a Debit or Credit card

You will be required to supply a copy of your Certificate of Completion in order to be admitted to the exam.

Exam Procedures

·       Report to the test center 30 minutes before the exam to sign in and verify identification.

·       No talking or any other form of communication among candidates is permitted in the exam area.

·       Children, cell phones, calculators, pagers, cameras, programmable electronic devices and recording devices of any kind are NOT allowed.

·       No smoking, eating, or drinking will be allowed at the exam site.

·       Dictionaries, books, papers, or study and reference materials are NOT permitted.

·       You may not exit the building during the exam.

·       Copying or communicating exam content is a violation of PSI security policy. Either may result in the disqualification of exam results and lead to legal action and prosecution.

PSI exam sites have additional procedures:

·       You will have your picture taken prior to admittance into the exam.

·       You may not wear a jacket, coat or any type of hooded clothing into the exam room. Sweaters that do not have pockets are allowed.

·       You may not bring a purse or backpack into the exam room.

·       You will be asked to put these items in your vehicle. PSI only provides accordion type folders for any items. These folders are left in the lobby and PSI is not responsible for the security of those items.

·       You may not wear a wristwatch into the exam room and you will be asked to empty your pockets.

Exam Format

·       Each exam is given in a multiple-choice format.

·       Each exam contains “pretest” questions that are mixed in with the scored questions and are not identified. Pretest questions may not be covered in your educational materials and do not affect your final score!

·       The passing score required on each exam is 70%.

·       When you complete the exam, you will receive a score report marked “pass or fail”.

·       Candidates who do not pass can schedule an exam the next day.

4. Apply for a License

After passing the exam, apply for your license by completing an application at  You must wait up to 48-72 hours after passsing the examination before submitting the electronic application.





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